Chinese Chevrolet Cruze

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Just a few more pix of the new Cruze.
The real “New Cruze”. Unlike our 2015 model.

Compared to the one we saw yesterday, the white car on top looks to be a base model.

The interior seems really nice. Even a bit more upscale than the current car.

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  1. It's an updated Cruze alright, but very boring and very bland.

    This car will launch in 2016-17 in North america?? It's already outdated.

  2. This design actually looks very sophisticated and well proportioned when compared against the "refreshed" 2015 we'll get in the U.S. until the release of the all new 2016 Cruze in mid to late 2015.

    Perhaps GM is counting on working out any bugs with this model in the Chinese market prior to its official launch here in our market. A good thing in my opinion because the Cruze is a very significant player for Chevy having sold over 248k units, a five percent increase over last year.

  3. Nice Focusimpalibulantradart… with a bowtie.

    Nothing on this says Cruze. Just a mix of different other models.

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