Fiat 500L testing mule?

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Wonder what they are testing here.
It’s too low to be the upcoming 500X SUV.

Maybe they are updating the slow selling 500L already?

Anyone knows?

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  1. Fiat-Chrysler really need to fix that car's looks.

    The 500 is doing really well in the US, and it's a good looking car. The 500L isn't selling, and it looks like a medical curiosity.
    You'd think Fiat could figure this out: Americans are shallow and want cars that make them look good (or cars that blend into the landscape). So deal with it and send us good looking cars.

  2. At the local new car(2014) auto show, back in March, and I spoke to a Fiat sales rep, and he said that there are a few variants that will be on the way, soon( end of 2014-2015).

    This vehicle was mentioned. He said(unofficially) he had "heard" something about a car that will slot between the updated(2015?) 3 door Fiat, and the 500L… and would be competing against cars like the Ford Fiesta hatchback, etc.. and that was all he "heard".

    Sorry that this is all that I can tell you about this vehicle(because that is all he told me).

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