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Another Chinese Honda sedan with a ghastly front end.
And a stupid name. (It sounds like someone who can’t pronounce “Superior”…)

There is also a rumor that it could end up in Europe as the new Euro Accord.
(Although I though the new Acura TLX was…)

I cannot imagine anyone in Europe buying a car that looks like this.

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  1. …actually not that bad like the Concept B (I think you will post up later?) once it gets watered down for production like the Concept S aka Jade, Concept M aka Odyssey. They turned out pretty good. To Bad there not for export to the U.S market like the Euro Civic.
    The exception being "WTF" happened to the Crider. Lost in translation I guess…eh Vince?
    Granted the names kinda lame, but you can brag that your car is "Spirior" to a BMW or Mercedes owner.
    At least it isn't alpha/numeric soup, or something you order in a Western Chinese restaurant…like "Moo Goo Gai Pan, Kung Pao Ming Har, Bang Bang Ji, Dou Ban Yu, or my favorite General Tsao (great name for an SUV crossover tho'). Ooo getting hungry now…Hey Vince, you buyin'?

  2. Every Honda midsize sedan looks like an Accord, they all look the same, Acura or Honda. Who is their uninspired designers for the last 30 years???

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