Honda Vezel renamed HR-V for the US

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Good news.
HR-V is a much better name, and does fit with the CR-V.

There was an HR-V before, years ago, but that model was never sold in the US.

This is a cute little Crossover, which, I think, looks much better than the horrible looking 2015 Fit it is based on.
But I hear the new Fit is actually a nice (but ugly) driving car. So this should prove quite popular when it comes out. And actually affordable, since it will be cheaper than the $22 000 base CR-V.

I would think it also could steal sales from its bigger brother…

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  1. Just in time to compete with the Jeep Renegade. Unusual for Chrysler to anticipate an emerging market. And sorry Vince, this car is every bit as ugly as the Fit, if not worse.

  2. Vince,
    I wonder if this won't be stealing sales from both the Fit AND the CRV. Its a smaller CUV that will have much better mileage and therefore attract those wanting a CRV like vehicle, but its also a lot bigger than the Fit. Maybe they'll just market those to city dwellers.

    I still see young moms wanting the CRV more, but it will be interesting how sales split when the CRV also gets its DI engine upgrades and much better mileage. Either way, Honda will have a strong small car lineup soon. Lets keep our fingers crossed for Acura.

  3. The name HIV is perfect! The oli one Washington a really interesting car. Called in Europe also Joy Machine. Sporty and cute.

  4. Cannot wait to see this vehicle in person. Especially if they actually decide to bring the hybrid option to the U.S.

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