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Looks like Hyundai is getting their own Kia Soul.

Why not. At least it has its own design.
Which doesn’t look half has good as the Kia version.

The new Sonata, and now this. They are getting more and more conservative these days…

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  1. Vince, I am not a Huyndai buyer anytime soon, but I watched a Korean road test video and was rather surprised how the new design makes it look more upscale. The current one is nice, but it still gives you the sense of a value proposition. If they fix the steering, it will be hard to beat.

  2. Hyundai should offer this vehicle in the US market. It looks great! While the Kia Soul is funky and youthful, this is more mature and mainstream. I think there is room in the market for both vehicles.

  3. Vince, I agree with the majority of commenters. This looks good and a heck of lot better than the Soul.

    Yes, you're right Hyundai is going in a more conservative design direction with their vehicle design, hence the tone downed fluidic 2.0 design theme.

    Lets see, the best selling cars and cross overs are appealing but not polarizing in their designs. But their mechanics and engineering are solid. Toyota and Honda build some very good, reliable cars. So do domestics like Ford.

    Hyundai's focus seems to be building well engineered and reliable, fuel efficient vehicles.

    And if they pull it off they could upset the top three Japanese brands-at least one comes to mind, they could topple Nissan for the third spot.

  4. kia and hyundai are the same company….no one pits enough emphasis on this….they are not great cars.

  5. I'm really surprised people seem to like this. This doesn't look bad, but it has next to no style. It's completely forgettable, at least IMO.

  6. I don't know that this is worse than the Soul, Vince. This has a more adult appearance and is less toy-like – it will age better, I think. The Soul is nice but something about it looks like a kid's car to me, and all I see in them are kids or mid-lifers trying to recapture the youth.

    More pics of the IX25 at the gallery link below.

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