Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV

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What the hell?

Looks like someone at Mercedes wanted a BMW X6 (Just 5549 sold in the US last year) really bad. Or an Acura ZDX??? (Discontinued)

This is really bad. Design, proportions. Nothing seems to fit together.

Let’s hope this one stays a concept….

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  1. ….well Vince, it was just a matter of time for Mercedes to sell their version of the X6. You didn't think they would leave this niche all to BMW did you? It looks alright and inoffensive. People who buy this type of "SUV" rarely go off pavement and probably just carry their golf clubs in the rear.
    If you look at it in a marketing point of view. That 5549 BMW sold in the U.S could have very well been 5549 Mercedes could have sold as well. Lamborghini will soon be selling their "Coupe SUV" as well.
    If the internal parts are common with the A-C-E-S class models then as a niche model Mercedes doesn't have to sell a lot to make a small profit per vehicle if priced around 50k and up. The cost would be spread across the other model lines.
    I believe the reason the ZDX was discontinued was Honda read the market wrong. "Acura" doesn't have the perceived tier 1 "Status" BMW and Mercedes enjoy within the "Luxury" community. Also I think 90% failure was due to that "love it or hate it" front end.
    The same would be true of Hyundai if they ever tried under their Genesis nameplate to sell a "Coupe SUV" over 50k. Although they probably might sell more then Acura did. Eh..Vince?

  2. The badge seekers will definitely buy it. The badge high dwarfs high price, below average reliability or lack of practicality.

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