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This IS the next Passat, but which one?

At first, it seems to be the new version of the European model. Which has been testing for a while.
But these pictures are from China.
Where they sell the same version as we have in the US.

This also looks to be a LWB version.
So maybe China will witch to a long version of the European model instead?

VW US has told us to expect a quite extensive refresh for next year. But this looks much too different to just be a “refresh”.

No matter what it is, it’s not very exciting. As the interior doesn’t look that much better than the current US Passat….

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  1. Ho hum, another new VW that looks exactly like every other VW sedan. Is VW trying to make every car as exciting as an army blanket?

  2. China currently receives a version of the Euro Passat, so I wonder if this is not the "China-fied" version of the ne Euro model.

  3. This looks pretty upscale, Phaeton/A8-ish to me and that would be an improvement over the current US car.

  4. Fu€¥ vince. This shit box is the same as the old shit box…. Can we count on u for something real, legitimate? like……the Next Nissan Titan! Come on!

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