VW Midsize Coupe Concept

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So wrong…

This is NOT a coupe. At all. No matter how far you stretch the meaning of the word.
It is a nice looking sedan, sure. (But not even as slick as the current 6 year old CC!)

This, at best, is a preview of the next Euro Passat. Or maybe the next Jetta.
It shouldn’t be called a coupe. And it shouldn’t be a concept.
It doesn’t even look that modern now!

What is wrong with these people???

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  1. …well Vince I agree it does look dated compared the current CC, but that seems to be the current VW design language. Similar to Audi. I would hide the rear door handles if I were to design a 4 door coupe. Have you ever seen a 2 door coupe with 4 door handles?
    Maybe VW is trying to do a "Retro Modern Old School" design for all those people that like Vanilla. Just look at the "New Sonata" mature design.
    A lot of those Hollywood futuristic movies have old cars driving around. I think the era of Chris Bangle is over. Vw's just going Back to the Future…eh Vince?

  2. I would have to agree with you on this one. VW does look a little foolish by referring to this concept as a "coupe". It would make a nice looking mainstream sedan (possibly next gen Jetta?), but it really isn't sleek or sexy enough to make it as a coupe.

  3. Chop off 6 inches from the front and the back, and everything that remains in the middle could be a 1990s Accord, and I mean everything … every square inch.

    VW has become about as unimaginative as a car company can be.

  4. i think it looks pretty sweet. yes, it is conservative. that is VW's philosophy. They don't need ugly swoops and swooshes (a la lexus, nissan or hyundai) to make people like their cars. VW goes for handsome, proportioned, conservative bodies. Whether you prefer that or would rather have weirdo grilles and gilles, thats another matter.

  5. Vince, I get it that we want designs that pop and crackle! But understand this, most people like buying conservative, sophisticated designs. Well, like this.

    I believe Volkswagon has a very good design and this will indeed attract a lot of luxury aspirational buyers. You know the people with BMW taste but VW budgets. LOL.

  6. The only thing I have against this is that VW is referring to it as a coupe. STOP IT! Otherwise. Its a very svelte and sexy sedan.

  7. Is it just me or is this plain jane the same car as the current passat or Jetta. They are the ugliest cars going inside and out. Nice color though, so a pig with lipstick.

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