2015 Audi A7

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There are a few new things for the A7 next year.
Besides slightly revised engines and rear lights, most of the news are up front.

As you can see, it is the usual for updated Audi models: “make it more square”.
The lower part of the bumper sure is busy.

But overall the changes don’t ruin the design. And the new headlights actually look really slick.

(The 2015 model is pictured on top)

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  1. One of these has a spot next to me in the garage. Every day I gawk at it like a kid. The damned thing is just beautiful. The new lights look good.

  2. Different–neither better or worse. I Love the styling inside & out. Went to buy one but after the test drive it just seemed way overprice compared to the bigger BMW GT. The Audi does LOOK better than the BMW; but looks get old after awhile and then your stuck with a car that has no rear head room, a smallish interior ( & trunk) overall; but the handling of Buick. Such a disappointment overall!

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