2015 Hyundai AG

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Hyundai has just shown to the press an all new sedan, so far only named AG.

It will slot between the Azera/Grandeur and the new Genesis.
So it is basically a slightly larger, more luxurious Azera since it is also FWD.

This is mostly for the Korean and Chinese markets.
I can’t really see it coming over here. Unless it replaces the Azera….(?)

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  1. The Azera and Genesis already compete in price and size.. can't imagine that this could possibly fit in between! I thought for a minute this might be the next Equus.. thank goodness it's not!

  2. Azera arrived one year after the Sonata on a stretched version of the same platform. This looks like it could be the next Azera, especially with the toned-down side profile detailing not unlike that of the brand new Sonata. So I think it's safe to assume this is the next Azera, due next year.

  3. Looks nice. The only problem is at the same press conference they release the new Granduer as well and that is our Azera. Probably will not come to the US, but if it did it would be above Azera.

  4. Looks like it won't replace the Grandeur in the home market, but I would almost count on this taking the Azera name and replacing it in the US. I think it looks pretty good, though the rear 3/4 view is nearly identical to the new Avalon. This model almost seems like they would have designed this as an entry-luxury model for a Genesis luxury division, but since that never happened it will just slot into the existing lineup.

  5. It's definitely softer looking than the Azera, but I don't have a problem with the current one. It's biggest threat is the Cadenza!

    – FusioptimaSX

  6. The Azera barely sells here, so I can't see Hyundai adding another FWD luxury sedan in the US. Besides, the Azera really isn't a luxury sedan, it's more like a Taurus, Avalon etc – full size near luxury. The Kia Cadenza is a 1/2 step above the Azrea in features and price – more like this AG. I thought Hyundai was introducing a smaller RWD Genesis branded sedan to slot between the Azera and Genesis, so this duplicative sedan was a bit of a letdown for me.

  7. Looks like a Chrysler 200 with a Lincoln Town Car Grill. But it will probably handle more like a Kia or Town Car than like a 200!

  8. geez. How many Buick-like models has Hyundai released since the last time Buick itself released a new sedan? LaCrosse and Regal are pretty ancient. Hard to compete when all your stuff is stale and the competition is so relentless.

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