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The Pulsar is Nissan’s new weapon against the VW Golf in Europe.
Which means it will also compete with the Focus, Astra. And more odes from Peugeot, Fiat and even its partner, Renault.
So far, it looks more like a US Nissan than a European one. Even with the hatchback.
Not sure the design is very appealing to a European audience…

The interior doesn’t seem much better than the Note.  We’ll see….

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  1. I don't know – the European hatchback market seems to be favoring more conservative designs lately – look at the latest Golf, Astra, or even Peugeot 308 which all don't seem too radical. More extreme designs like the Megane or Civic seem to be slow sellers (except the Renault because it's cheap).

    Interesting that the most popular car segments (the midsize sedan segment in the US, for instance) seem to offer the least-radical designs.

    That being said, all Nissan needs to do is add a multi-control knob in the interior and the Europeans would love it.

  2. Nissan hyped this up like it was something new. Seems to me to just be the next generation tiida/pulsar. It's a little too minivan in the back for me and the front doesn't seem to work on this. The headlights are too soft and not sharp enough. The QQ is fantastic looking. Probably one of the best looking nissans in years. It's design didn't translate well over to this vehicle. Also where is the floating roof? I thought all new nissans would contain the floating roof.

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