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 These pictures were taken at the assembly plant for the new Jeep Renegade (Which you can see in the BG in the lower pic) and the Fiat 500X. As both cars share the same structure.

This is a picture that has been around for a while. Looks like it was taken at some dealer meeting.
And it does look very similar to the assembly plant cars above.
So there you go. The new Fiat 500X Crossover/SUV thing.

It will not only compete with the Juke/Honda HR-V, but also the new Renegade.
At least they do look very different .

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  1. This can be cool if they bring it. I like the new Jeep, and was worried if they did a Fiat version it would look like the 500L. Thank God it won't.

    Also, Fiat is more apt to offer a stick shift in a wider variety of models, which is wonderful.

  2. Interesting.

    At least the 2 vehicles won't look the same.

    Good job, Vince, as it appears that you may have scooped other sites(who only Talked about this vehicle, a few days ago) since you have some type of photos of the 500X.

    I wonder if this vehicle will get the 9 speed automatic?

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