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This is basically a larger Golf. The previous generation was sold in Europe as the Golf Plus.
(Which we never got over here)

So it is what the C-Max is to the Ford Focus. Except I do think this looks better than the C-Max.
It is based on the new Golf and uses similar engines.
But this is yet another VW we are not getting in the US…

I think there could be a market for this in the US, if priced right.

What do you think?

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  1. Sorry to disagree, Vince(I usually agree with you)… but this does Not look better than the C-Max.

    This looks like something from the late 1980's; boxy/rectangular-shaped thing.

    Does VW really have "modern" designs… like the Fusion, for 1 example.. or just stuff from the 1980's, with "rounded" corners?

  2. I am not sure why VW is bothering with this when they have the Sportwagen (Golf Variant or Estate in other markets), Touran and Tiguan. I am not a fan of whoring out a decent design like the MK7 Golf. Cheapens the model in my opinion.

  3. I didn't realize BMW and VW teamed up on this wagon. Looks just like the BMW 2 series Active Tourer

  4. I'm confused. VW calls their sedans "coupes" and now we have a hatchback which they call a "sportsVAN". This isn't even close to what is considered a van, let alone sporty. Is a sunroof considered a "convertible"?

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