2016 Jaguar XE

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This is the latest illustration of what the all new compact sedan from Jaguar could look like.

The front end matches the only official teaser we saw a few weeks ago.
But the rest looks too much like the XF.
I hope the real thing looks a bit more original. Just a bit more different than ” a smaller XF”.

Although, this is what the competition has been doing for years. Like Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc…
The “one sausage, different lengths” car design philosophy has been polluting our streets for quite a while now.

The real thing will be shown very soon, so there is still a bit of hope.

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  1. I really don't like the style of Jaguar sedans. In pictures they look very sexy. But on the road, they are generic. I've had both an XJ and XF as loaner cars. The XJ was a wonderful place to spend time, but I wouldn't even consider buying one. An A8 or S Class outclasses the Jag in every way. The XF is lame. I had a white base 2.0, and it looked like a municipal vehicle. The interior was laughable.

    Maybe a shrunken version of the same style will be better. But aside from the F-type, the Jaguar brand needs work.

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