2016 Toyota Prius

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Of course, this is just an illustration.

But who knows. This actually uses some recent design elements we’ve seen from Toyota.
-Like an uglier version of the current model.
-Too many weird wavy lines.
-Just plain weird front end.
-A general feel of “trying too hard”.

This could be close to the real thing…

PS: This was sent to me by a reader. So thanks!

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  1. I'm frightened to think that illustration may be highly accurate.. what a scary looking piece of crap! The front is actually the least revolting part.. the side sculpting is simply disturbing. Do I actually see a bulge over the rear wheel wells reminiscent of the awkward 1st-generation Prius notchback?

  2. I can only hope they make it fun to drive. Being green is still a noisy and unrefined affair. I drove a Prius V and felt like I was in an economy car. It was so noisy on the highway you can`t hold a conversation with someone.

  3. It's certainly ugly enough to be a Toyota. Never thought the Prius was that bad, but this will bring the Prius in line with every other Toyota .

  4. At anonymous about green being noisy and unrefined…check out the Optima or Fusion Hybrid…that'd change your POV.

    As for this – Prius has never been about striking looks (although the current 'core gen' isn't ugly) – it's about efficiency. And – in a world where the Accord Hybrid gets comparable mileage (real world) to a Prius – Toyota REALLLLLLYYYYY needs to up their 'green game'

  5. Just an aspiring car designer showing off their wares. The real Prius will look nothing like this, me'thinks.

  6. Wow, so a loyal reader sends you an illustration – his hard work – and everyone slams it as ugly. Way to appreciate a fan lol

  7. Honestly, I dislike Toyota so much that I don't think I could appreciate an attractive toyota even if they could manage to create one.

    Worst brand sold in the US.

  8. Hey Vince, I know you have a disdain for conservative design, so my question is as follows: If Toyota stuck with the conservative styling of the 1st generation do you think the car would be the public mockery it is today? I mean it sells well, but it could do better considering the amazing mpg. The prius could use more headroom, better visibility, non-cheesy styling and so on to better suit the general public.

  9. I do like some conservative designs. In general, I have to admit they do "last longer".
    But I also realize we now live in 2014. 2014!!!! Cars should look so much more modern than they are.
    We should be driving Syd Mead designs by now…

    About the Prius, it is only mocked by those who don't drive it.
    I have 5 friends who drive them.
    None of them enjoy driving. All they want is "get there" using the least amount of gas possible.
    Which is what the Prius does. For these people, it is the perfect car. Owners love them!

    And they still sold over 145 000 of them last year (In the US alone). Which is really good.

    I think the next one will indeed get better MPG and more room. And all these previous Prius owners will be in line for a new one.

    I don't drive one, and I wouldn't buy one.
    At the same time, I don't understand why anyone would have such hatred for it.

    It's just a car…

  10. How can you "love" something that "just gets you there".
    Do you love an elevator? Do you love a microwave oven?

    Modern day motoring is nowhere near as interesting as it was in the past (look at everyone going on about the quality of interiors ) and cars are becoming appliances.

  11. Toyotas lack PASSION. And Style. Thats why enthusiasts hate them. But there IS a market for people who hate cars and still need one. And its a pretty big market. And Toyota appeals to that crowd. The same way WallMart appeals to folks who only buy clothes because its illegal to walk around naked.

  12. " Modern day motoring is nowhere near as interesting as it was in the past (look at everyone going on about the quality of interiors ) and cars are becoming appliances."

    I keep hearing this, and I suppose that I can understand why people may believe this. It seems that the height of automotive enthusiasm peaked in the 1950s through the 60s. This is what i've been told, I wasn't actually alive to know this first-hand. But keep in mind, the automobile was a new thing back then. Motor vehicles were just becoming commonplace and the road infrastructure was in the process of being built. It was all very exciting. Vehicle designs were new and fresh because the modern car itself was an entirely new and fresh concept. Then the 70s came, and cars became slow and ugly… mostly because of safety and fuel regulations. Way uglier than today.

    Today, cars need to look good, but they also have to be well built, safe, perform well and be nicely tailored inside. It would be ridiculous for Cadillac to build an Eldorado with tail fins today, because cars need to be much more then the parade floats that they used to be. I would argue that there is so much distain for Toyotas, and specifically the Prius, because consumers have amazing exciting vehicles from which to choose. More today than ever.

  13. I drove a lot of small cars recently and I must say the Toyota Hybrids feel cheap & noisy compared to Civic, Dart, Cruise, Fiesta or Jetta. In my opinion they are WAY overpriced. (You simply can't save enough on gas to justify the price–let alone the inconvenience.

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