All new 2015 Nissan Compact pick-up truck

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But is it the new Frontier?

Obviously these pictures are of  right hand drive model.
So it is mostly a new version of the overseas Navara model.
(Which is pretty much the Frontier anyway…)

Some sites are saying this is a Mitsubishi based truck. So not the new  Frontier.

What do you think.
“2015 Frontier’ or “NOT 2015 Frontier”???

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  1. Crap either way. All of these min-trucks are junk (Frontier, Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado, etc.) The only ones that were ever practical were the Dakota (and the Mitsubishi that was really a Dakota with new sheet metal). Owned a company that owned several of these mini-trucks. Never again. ANY (Dodge/VW/Chrysler) minivan can tow more + has more cargo volume + MUCH better gas mileage + MUCH more reliable + MUCH better road manners. Just no need for these when you can have a (more practical) minivan instead. And dont even get me started on resale value.

  2. I would like to hear about the Tacoma resale being lousy. Do tell.

    I don't think truck buyers want this carlike interior. The exterior isn't really anything new. This is about to completely disappear to buyers.

  3. It looks suspiciously like an Isuzu/holden/Chevrolet based truck. The suicide rear door, the rear light cluster….
    very GM….

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