Chinese made Volvo S60 coming to the US!

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According to Reuters, Volvo plans to sell Chinese made S60 sedans in the US as early as next year.
We’ve hear this before.

What we haven’t heard before is the news about selling the long wheelbase version of the S60 over here.
The S60L, which was designed specifically for the Chinese market. With over 3 inches more rear legroom.
(Interesting since Infiniti also chose to sell it’s long version of the Q70 sedan over here as well.)

I guess this is a cheap way to offer a larger sedan. Instead of waiting for an all new S80. Which might still be years away…

So are we ready for Chinese made cars yet? Chinese made Volvos?

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  1. Nobody is going to do anything to keep Chinese cars out of the US, so we might as well just sit back and accept that it's an inevitability.

  2. The final nail in Volvo's Coffin will be their next crash tests. J.D.Powers Initial quality ratings will be the daisy on the grave! Good bye Sweden Volvo!

  3. 8:29, I agree. It won't be long before we see a rush of Chinese-built cars, I'm sure (I bet good-ole GM will lead the charge, too). What a crappy era for cars–and mankind in general.

  4. I guess people won't see a difference. Volvo will have it's quality control. And I'm sure that crash tests won't get worse because of that…or do people feel the difference between Japanese and American made Toyotas, or German and American made Mercedes'?

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