Euro Toyota Auris as Scion for the US ?

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Scion will be getting a few new models very soon.

There will be a small sedan based on the next Mazda2. (That seems a weird choice to me)
A small Crossover. ( A good choice as it is a growing segment)
And there are rumors about the European Auris making it here as well. As a Scion.

Not a bad idea.
Very similar to what Hyundai has been doing with the Elantra, and the Elantra GT (Which is the European Hyundai i30)

But is it a Scion? (Actually, what does make a Scion a Scion???)
It is basically the Euro version of the Corolla. So interiors are indeed very similar.

Will a Corolla hatch save Scion?
What do you think?

Personally, my vote would go for the wagon version of the Auris. Called the Touring Sports.
A cool compact wagon is something most people don’t offer in the US these days (Except VW)

This would makes Scion a bit more special…

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  1. That would be exactly the same recipe as the Matrix was… A Corolla hatchback. Toyota needs a Matrix replacement anyway.
    And why not Scion?
    And why not offering AWD?

  2. I think Scion should introduce a couple hybrid models to its lineup such as the Auris Hybrid and the Alphard Hybrid van. These unique models would align perfectly with Scion's mission to offer a sporty and practical alternative to Toyota's mainstream models as well as give their buyers fuel efficiency which they seem to have lost sight of.

  3. Toyota's flat slab dashboards that are being deployed to every single model are hideous and remind me of 1980's.

  4. Aren't Scions supposed to be cheaper than Toyotas ? The Auris is a nice and and more expensive car than the Corolla, making it more expensive. And the Elantra and i30 are very different inside and out. Just like the Sonata and i40.

  5. Aren't Scions supposed to be cheaper than Toyotas ? The Auris is a nice and and more expensive car than the Corolla, making it more expensive. And the Elantra and i30 are very different inside and out. Just like the Sonata and i40.

  6. Scions are the (Saturn) no haggle arm of Toyota aimed towards people who shy away from negotiation and buy a car at MSRP.

  7. I think it's funny that Toyota thinks selling a Yaris sedan and Corolla hatch will help Scion survive, yet those two models were once offered at Toyota and dropped for lack of interest.

  8. Scion could have something if they follow through on their original concept of individualizing the vehicle… The wagon IS the better idea, as Fusioptima stated. But Scion needs more than the Subie car and a Mazda 2 sedan. The xA, xB, TC are sadly showing their ages. Something needs done. The Mazda2-based sedan become the sA. This become the sB line with more variation. Make a unique car to replace the xB from it. Then make an sC and new tC from that (larger). And range topped by the FRS or whatever. Overall, the range needs definition and strategy, not just a replacement of its current models.

  9. I prefer wagons when they also look good, but in this case the Auris wagon looks like a geriatric pile of feces. The hatch is visually more in tune with what might sell.

    That being said, the Scion brand is so cheesy and fake that it will never survive anyway. They'd move more units just calling these things Toyotas.

  10. Scion is about small cheap fun cars (when compared to Toyota's stodgy lineup). They are like Toyotas in that they drive like sirup, but at least they look somewhat edgy.

    That was the original idea. No one is guiding the ship anymore, and adding a few models that could (should) be in Toyota showrooms won't help.

  11. I think the styling for the five door auris will be dramatically altered for Scion duty. The current xB is on the old Corolla platform.

    And we are not talking Yaris sedan. We are talking Mazda 2 sedan. Could be a very nice little driver and sweet if styled correctly.

    I am interested to see The small SUV they are contemplating. I would also love to see the Aqua Convertible come over rebadged. With the FRS convertible and sedan coming, Scion could have a nice little line up.

  12. I saw photos online( a few months ago) of a "sporty" version of this car(rumored to be about 14 ft, or so, in length… the hatchback),and it looked very sharp.

    The small crossover could be interesting… if they decide to put the speedometer In Front Of the driver(like they did on the newest xD).

    Too bad they have waited this long… as by the time these new cars come out… and the small crossover…. there will be the Renegade, 500 X, that Honda small crossover, etc… will already be out(this year)… and have been on sale, for awhile, making Toyota late to the party(I should say "Scion", late to the party).

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