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 Let’s hope this one stays in south America and India.
As the current Ka sold in Europe looks much better than this.

This just looks really, really cheap. Competing with other super cheap entry level models in those markets.

Here is the current Ka sold in Europe. This is the second generation and came out in 2008.
So a new one is due out soon.
I just hope Ford isn’t turning the cool, modern and funky little Ka in to some super cheap crappy car…

No matter what, the Ka is still not for the US. As Ford has decided the Fiesta is as small as they are willing to go here. (Which is actually not a bad idea)

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  1. I like the "Fusion"-style grill MUCH MUCH BETTER than the generic front on the current European Ka.

  2. In the global market of ultra-cheap cars, the new Ford Ka is the prettiest. Take a look at the Dacia, Datsun, the Chinese cars, the Indian cars, the low-end Toyota and Honda sold in developing countries……

  3. That's really sad. The first generation Ka was a real headturner, you either loved it or hated it. But still it won numerous prices for its design. It still looks fresh to me, especially seeing it next to cars that came out at the same time. It was somehow the first small car you could have with leather seats and all luxurious stuff, it was a style icon. It made plenty of fun and was somehow classless. Without it and the first Renault Twingo I can't imagine the stylish models that came later like the New Mini, Fiat 500, Opel Adam and Audi A1. But rust is a problem sadly. The second generation had better quality and still was funky. But this new five and four door is really sad and boring. I really hope this stays out of Europe and Ford has something else to offer. It doesn't deserve the name Ka.

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