New Nissan Pick up coming up.

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It is hard to say which one. Most people are saying this is the new Frontier.
But Nissan has been hard at work on an all new Titan for a while.
(No matter what it is, we won’t have to wait long since the whole thing will be unveiled next week)

What do you think.

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  1. I expect what we have here, judging by the curves, is a Colorado killer. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will have more US/Canadian parts than anything GM builds. By the way, death to GM and half-assdom.

  2. Definitely the new Frontier. Why? Simple… Look at the roof rails. That's pure Frontier. Should be a welcome redo. Just don't get any bigger!

  3. Pathfinder is now just a stretched Murano (altima platform). New frontier cannot be based on this.

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