Rolls-Royce SUV coming up?

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 And why the hell not…
Since Bentley is doing it, right?

This has been such a long rumor: a Rolls SUV.
Maybe because it would really be the worst case of automotive blasphemy. Or because it would instantly become the best selling Rolls Royce ever and prove everyone wrong…
Either way, here are some of the nightmarish illustrations, depicting what such a beast could look like.

Let’s really hope it never happens. But if it does, let’s pray that it looks better than any of these.

Here are some real attempts at various wagon versions over the years. All based on different generations of the mainstream Rolls sedan of that time.
Ranging from the “actually quite well put together” to the “world’s most expensive clown car” look.

Still, it seems that  adding a hatch to a Rolls has inspired quite a few people .

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  1. I'd take any of those Rolls Breaks (save for the bottom one) in a heartbeat.. the Silver Shadow one is particularly sweet.

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