2015 BMW X5 E Drive

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Hybrids have not been very successful for BMW so far.
Way over priced, and mostly discontinued…

Still, there is a Plug-in version of the X5 coming out soon.
It uses a 2.0 Liter engine with the electric motor. And can get up to about 20 miles on EV mode.
Nothing new. Nothing amazing…

These should be cheaper options to be popular.

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  1. BMW should just stick with diesels. They really don't put enough effort into their hybrids to make it worth buying. They are too expensive, and provide feeble performance.

  2. Hybrids yes but which SUV PHEV is currently on the market in the US?

    I only know of Outlander which has been delayed until end of next year in the US.

    Not first EV model but first PHEV model for US.

  3. BMW measures their Hybrids by how efficent they can make a FAST car. These arent the anemic slugs that Toyota always dumps out there. These are high MPG/ low emissions vehicles that can hold their own against V8 Turbo & V12 machines. From that perspective they are nothing short of AMAZING!

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