2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

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Nothing new really.
Just some new pictures from GM.

I really think the ATS will work better as a coupe.
After test driving one for a week a few months ago, I was surprised how unusable was the rear seat, and the tiny rear doors.
So things won’t be much worse with 2 doors, plus it does look a bit better.

It is still pretty boring and really does not stand out in any way.
But at least the proportions seem a bit better to me.

I can’t help but remembering the first generation CTS. Which was a car that did stand out in a crowd. With a simple and modern design for its time.
Since, Cadillac has been busy adding lines, chrome and details everywhere.

It’s just too bad…

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  1. I think the ATS coupe looks pretty good. If I had to go with a Caddy, this would be the one!


  2. Gross, give me a Lexus or BMW anyday over this garbage. Does GM know they can design cars without using a ruler?

  3. I've seen this in person, and it really does have an attractive in-person presence. The original CTS had a very clumsy design that didn't age well. The second gen CTS is much better, as is the third generation CTS. The ATS coupe is stately without all the amateurishly aggressive elements that you see in cars like the current Lexus IS.

  4. Both ATS and CTS look boring, especially the rear. It is like they spent too much time on the front and when it was time to design the rest of the car, they said nah…

  5. Kind of odd that the ATS sedan looks very similar to the (previous) C-class in profile, yet the ATS coupe looks more like an Audi A5.

  6. I'm glad Cadillac has ditched their historical nameplates in favor of nonsensical letter combinations, because right now there's not a car in their lineup worthy of even the Caterra nameplate. If they're not doing gaudy wannabes, they're doing passionless retreads. (Of course, I probably expect too much, GM's management over the last decade could be easily categorized much the same way.)

  7. Agree with those who say it looks much better in person than photos. I was unimpressed until I saw it at an auto show. Same for the ELR, which is very impressive in the metal. I actually think that this is a reason why Cadillac is having sales problems. Their vehicles look great in person, but don't in person, and you've got to get people into the showroom first.

  8. I do not need to go to a showroom to tell you that the ATS and CTS look unimpressive in person. The SRX is probably the ugliest of all. The original CTS broke new ground and then it went downhil from therel. No wonder sales suck. Time to change designers. It is that simple.

  9. July 26, 2014 at 5:46 AM
    I disagree. My daily driver is a 5-series (because of the handling) but I have to admit that ALL the Cadillacs are MUCH better looking on the exterior. Interior I still give the nod to BMW 5 but I think Cadillac has one up on the 3-series (& below) on interior style. If BMW can't get back to the "high style" days of Chris Bangle I may be driving something else in the near future.

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