2015 Mazda2. And more…

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Not sure where this is from. Dealers meeting. Or something else.

But it shows what we can expect from Mazda within the next 2 years.
The all new Mazda2 isn’t a surprise. Although this is the 1st picture ever of the production model.
It also looks like it will get a new 1.5 Diesel as an option. (Not for us)
And I also see a panoramic roof.

Still no actual picture of the new Miata. It must be under one of the covers.

But strangely enough, it also looks like 2 other coupe, or sedan models.
I don’t see the upcoming new CX9. Or the small CX3 crossovers.
Maybe a Mazda6 Coupe?
Or a new RX7?


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  1. I think if you look closely, someone actually just photoshopped the 3 right vehicles. They all look the same (same shadow, same fold in the covers), just flipped and adjusted for different sizes.

  2. Great. Go Mazda! But this 2 need to rock when its driven, its gotta have loads of features (like moonroofs, head light options, etc… ) and it should take a step up from the terrible dull interiors mazda is known for.

  3. Mazda really needs to update the Mazda5. Its an eyesore, but is the hole that's needed attention in the Mazda lineup most, since the Mazda3 was revised.

  4. That's not the production version, but a picture of the Hazumi concept. Every last detail is still there, no way that's production.

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