More pictures of the new 2015 Mazda2

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These are better pictures of the all new Mazda2.
And what a great looking little car, inside and out.

Amazingly enough, Mazda has already started building them in Japan today.

No word on the US engine.
But it will probably be the same as the 1.5 Liter used in Japan.
Although we will not be getting the more powerful 1.5 Diesel version here.

If there is one thing…. I haven’t seen any pictures of the car with a sunroof. This is something that was missing on the previous version.
Seems that Mazda doesn’t care much for sunroofs. Since the 3 and 6 only have that old fashion small one as an option. (No modern glass roofs anywhere in their line up…)

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  1. I agree… this should have a sunroof option or standard in the top of the line trim level. Hopefully Mazda won't scrimp on it. It needs that and a larger wheel/tire package. Otherwise, I like the look. but now follow through with performance and amenities. That's key to its success cuz it'll never be a price leader against some of the trash cars out there – Mazdas just not big enough to play that game. So play the one they can – fast, fun, loaded.

  2. its too bad mazda makes nice car that nobody wants, they say alot of nice things about mazda3 and 6 but sales dont show it, im sure this one is no different

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