2015 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa

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 Looks like the design is actually mostly new. But hard to say if it is “all new”. (2015 model is on top)

I am also not so sure it is an improvement over the current one. At least the 4 door version.

The 2 door model always looked more modern, and still does here.
Again, hard to say how new it is. They do look so similar…

There is no doubt inside, where everything does look different. And really nice. It has less of a toy look.

Again, Bob Lutz had been saying that we would be getting the Corsa in the US for “the next generation”. Which is the car shown here.
But that is also back when Saturn and Pontiac were still around.

I just wonder if the plan is now to turn this into a small Buick…

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  1. I can't say I know anything about it, and maybe I'm wrong, but just judging by the styling I don't think it's good enough for this market (surely not as a Buick–that much I know).

  2. The exterior is disappointing, but the interior is very nice looking. I don't see this passing as a Buick in the US market, though.

  3. I think GM should draw the line somewhere. And that line needs to stay at the back wheels of Verano and Encore.
    All that would need to be done to this thing would be to add a waterfall grill. But please, GM. Don't do it. Adding another small car for Buick would just cheapen the brand.

  4. What's with that odd looking black plastic piece by the rear side window on the two door version? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

    I think this car would have made a decent small car for Pontiac if the brand still existed, but I don't see it working as a Buick. I think GM would be better off doing some cosmetic enhancements to the Meriva and positioning it as a slightly upscale competitor to the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa Note.

  5. It seems to me like a sort of "deep restyle". They've kept the structure, BiW, closures etc. more or less unchanged, and restyled all the panels. The interior is definitely a vast improvement

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