2016 Toyota Prius

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Still under heavy camouflage.
But now you can tell it will look quite different than the current model.
Even if the general silhouette is similar.
The cut from the hatchback and the rear door both look much more rounded than before.
 I suspect that under all that black tape, things might not be that angular anymore.

In any case, we will now have to wait 6 months more to see the real thing, since the new model has been delayed.

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  1. There has been earlier spy photo's several months ago looking same and my guess is that the design isn't finalized yet. They also had interior picture which was similar to the CT but looked unfinished.

    The Prius is delayed to Q4 2015 so probably few more months before we see more finalized design clues.

  2. No way does it look different, other than the slight change in the C-pillar and a more raked A-frame like the prius v and c. Even the tail lights look carry over. Same ugly snail in motion kinda thing going on all the way.

  3. …"The design looks influenced by the Honda Euro Civic. It's a shame Honda decided it was not worth building and selling in the U.S. and instead gave us the CrossTour. LOL."…

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