All new 2015 VW Passat

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 Yes, this is the all new Passat for 2015. New platform, new body, new interior.

I think it looks very nice, in a conservative sort of way. Of course.
Not very original, but looking very upscale and quite modern.

 VW did a really nice job.
But that is all most of us will ever see. Because this is the European Passat.
The US will keep the “larger & cheaper” car we have now.

It’s just VW’s way of saying “this is too good for the US”…

Thanks guys!

Of course there is a new wagon too!

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  1. VW desperately tries to go upscale to go head to head with the premium brands, but for real – who in their right minds would pick this boring thing instead of a Mercedes C-Class???

  2. What’s with that horrible crease on the back end of the sedan right above the bumper and below the trunk lid? It looks like they tried to design a deep buttcrack but made it go sideways, instead. That crease is terrible.

    As for the rest … been there, seen that. Same old boredom from VW.

  3. So many complainey bitches. Okay armchair analysts… how about telling everyone what you think the passat should be. I think this looks fantastic. It's understated, like the Passat has always been, way back when it was called the Quantum.

    I to believe that the current passat needs a major upgrade. It should be in alignment with the EU version.

  4. I say bring the sedan to the US as the next CC, and bring the wagon as the Luxwagen, an upscale companion to the Sportwagen!

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