Cadillac Escalade V-Sport and Diesel coming up???

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According to Automotive News, Cadillac is actually considering a more powerful version of the Escalade. And maybe even a diesel version.

Sure, there might be a few people who always want “bigger with more power”.
I guess they can always add a supercharger or a turbo to the huge 6.2 Liter V8.

(Although Lincoln decided to go “all V6” for the 2015 Navigator).

But a powerful Turbo V6 Diesel does make more sense.

Not sure if GM does have one though. Or even working on it. As I have never heard about a new V6 Diesel from GM…

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  1. Great idea!! Cadillac should capitalize on the Escalade's success by offering more engine choices to wealthy buyers.

    V-Sport with a 6.2L Supercharged V-8 from the CTS-V and Corvette Z06.

    Eco Diesel V-8 engine to be shared with the GM half-ton pick-up trucks

    Possibly a gas hybrid, plug-in gas hybrid, or a Voltec model?

  2. GM was working on a new V6 diesel, but they sold the project to Fiat and it's now in the RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    They already share transmissions with Ford, why not share a diesel with Fiat-Chrysler?

    The other option is that they are working on a Duramax V6 with Isuzu. It would be odd to announce it on the Escalade rather than the pickups.

  3. Why a V6 when they could plop a reworked, supercharged Corvette/Camaro engine in there? Can't make enough money that way? If they can't give the customer exclusivity they at least ought to give them something that isn't lame. I think they'll have to do better than that to keep this mostly foreign, Tahoe in disguise semi-relevant in the minds of status seekers.

  4. While it may be great to offer alternative engines, they are already selling every 'Sclade they can build. Maybe a V-series to compete with the supercharged engine in the Autobiography RR.

    Of the three people that I know who have (or have had) Escalades, they all had Range Rovers prior. The size and presence of RR's are fantastic, but the reliability issues with Land Rovers/RR aren't. As Cadillac has stepped up their game with interior details and overall performance and refinement, the cost of these things make more sense to upscale buyers. Still, it's insane to me that this thing sells so well. They really are very nice, but sheesh.

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