Mercedes prices all new GLA SUV

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It will start at $31 300. Or $1400 more than the CLA sedan it is based on.
Which is a really good price.

After sitting in both, I can tell you that the GLA is much roomier, especially in the back.
It’s basically a better looking hatchback version of the sedan.

It comes standard with Power lift gate, Chrome roof rails (who cares) memory seats.

But the base model won’t be available until early 2015.
If you want one now (or next month that is), you’ll have to get the GLA250 4Matic (AWD) for $33 300.
And the AMG version will set you back $48 300.

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  1. AMG version??? HAHAHAHAHA!!! That makes as much sense as dropping a Hellcat HEMI into a golf cart–or grocery cart.

  2. Promoting standard roof rails is like promoting free drinking straws. Without the glass and drink, or cross bars in this case, they're useless. And nobody that I'm aware of includes them. They're a $300+ upcharge everywhere; a scam that Mercedes of all automakers should be above.

  3. OK.

    If I absolutely HAD to choose between this and the CLA, I would get this. And it wouldn't be for the looks. The CLA wins that competition hands down! But this seems so much more roomy and practical. It doesn't look terrible, but the ass end really does it no favors. Price isn't too bad, either.

    That being said, I wouldn't seriously consider getting either one of these.

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