More pictures of the all new 2015 Euro VW Passat

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I still think it looks really good.
I hear it is a bit smaller, yet roomier than the previous generation. And almost 200 pounds lighter as well.

This will make our US model look even worse.
Especially the interior, which is already one of the most depressing out there…

All we rare getting here is a “refresh” next year.(which could mean just new bumpers) So a new one is at least 2 or 3 years away.

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  1. I really like it! I hope some of the design elements end up in the US version. VW America needs to act fast, Passat sales dropped 34% in June!

  2. Hopefully the US model facelift makes it look identical to this. Unlike the 2015 Jetta, it's supposed to get a thorough facelift. The current model is not too bad but it can really use some spice. This new euro spec model looks fantastic. Better than A4, 3-series and C-class imo.

  3. Looks nice, but probably too small for US tastes. (The average American is taller & heavier than the average European you know). Thats why VW finally started making a "US-Spec" model instead of offering the "not quite big enough" EuroPassat. And thats why the larger current Passat is the best-selling Passat the US has ever had–by a WIDE Margin. If you want a small car–get a Jetta!

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