New 2015 VW Passat videos.

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I don’t know about you, but all these videos make me really wish this car was sold here in the US.

VW’s idea of the US market is so wrong. Thinking Americans only want bigger/cheaper cars.
Sure, many do. Maybe most. But NOT the ones who buy VWs. That’s the whole point.

Of course it can’t start at $30 000 and try to compete with the Camry.
But being based on their new “more efficient” (cheaper top make) platform, they could really find a way to sell it here at a competitive price. (And the new model is roomier, which means probably almost as roomy as the US model anyway.)

Just like they do with the new Golf/GTI.
And just like Ford is doing with the Fusion/Mondeo. Mazda with the Mazda6 etc…

There is really no reason for this not being sold here.

I was thinking that maybe this could come here in a couple of years, but no. Our Passat is due for some changes next year. So an all new one isn’t coming anytime soon….

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  1. What about the CC? That model is due for an update soon and has always slotted in well about the Passat in terms of cost.

    I agree with you that VW should bring itself a bit more upmarket though–like how they were 5-10 years ago, but with greater reliability 🙂

  2. VW" has never been upmarket–that's what Audi is for–to fit between VW" and BMW. As far as the current US Passat; have you forgotten that it won "Car of The Year"– something very few VW, s have ever done. And it's sales are so far ahead of what the old "euro" Passat could ever accomplish. Why on earth would they screw that up with something smaller???

  3. I don't know why we are so focused on this new Passat that we will never see in the US. We will get the base bottom of the barrel car and will never see this.

  4. The front has too much unnecessary overly complex details that look chintzy. The side profile of this Passat pefectly coincides with that of the CC model currently available in the US. This tells me that this "all-new" Passat is the recycled (upcycled) version of the curent CC.

    This euro Passat looks TOO sissy to me. I am sure Americans are not into this kind of design.

  5. Pretty sure this will be at least the basis of the next CC.. but since I keep hearing the next CC will be based on the Jetta, so maybe they will just rebadge this Euro Passat as the next US CC. It is certainly sleeker than the US Passat and could easily command a higher price.. and VW really needs a more luxurious sedan to serve as a pricing bridge to the upcoming Phaeton reintroduction.

  6. My family goes through waves with car brands. We all used to have Mazdas, then Fords, then Jeeps. Currently, my brother has a Passat, mom has a Beetle turbo and I have an S4. There's also a jetta in the mix that we don't like to talk about.

    In spite of all the noise about poor reliability, ours have all been rock solid. Even the Jetta. My Audi has 120k on the clock, and I've had only one unscheduled service visit in a decade. It's not a DD, so I plan on keeping it for weekend car. At least until the next S5 Cab is announced. My DD is a Range Rover, and after a year I'm ready to launch it off a bridge. Now that I've abused myself with the endless fuel stops and the rottenness of British engineering, I will definitely be buying a VW/Audi vehicle next. Either that or the Jeep GC. But if VW decides to bring it to the states, this Passat looks excellent.

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