Volvo XC90

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Not the real thing. Yet.

But I bet it’s pretty close .
It matches the proportions of the prototypes we’ve seen of it for the past 58 years.

It’s too bad they showed us these 3 great concepts last year. To just come up with a so-so looking SUV.
On top of that, the production interior is nothing like the concepts. Nothing at all.

Seems weird that Volvo is betting so much on this.
It will be quite expensive. So they won’t be selling tons of these no matter what.

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  1. Not even close…maybe the front. This is a chop using the current XC60 which does not have the new design language and isn't long enough for 3 rows.

  2. I like the Masaratti Grill with the BMW bumper. But something origional would have been nice too. Of course Toyota has had great success copying the competition so maybe this is the safest bet for China.

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