VW CC Test Drive.

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 Even though it has been around for over 6 years now, the CC still looks great.
I have been curious about this car for a while, and was really happy to finally get to drive one for a week.

Unfortunately, my test car was the “R-Line” model. Which doesn’t really add anything to improve the performance.
But its specific lumber pretty much ruins the front end of the car.
And the whole thing in white doesn’t look too exciting …

 It might just be a detail for most, but the 1st thing I noticed is how low the car was. For a sedan.
You notice it even before entering the car, as the door handles are really low. I had to reach down.
Which is really strange for a sedan.
Its like eating at a table that is too low…

 Inside, well… It’s even older than outside. Since the CC inherited the “old” Passat dashboard.
So it is pretty much a 9 year old interior.
It was already conservative back then. Now it really starts showing its age.

 The back seat is actually roomier than I was expecting.

 A few things that bugged me after a week. About that “old” interior:

-The B pillar is just so wide. It creates a major blind spot when you’re looking over your shoulder.

 -The display looks old fashion and cheap. It is both low rez and tiny compared to anything else out there (Except the cheapest Nissan models )

 -The key. Not a key but not a push button either. Also old fashion. (Or just plain old.)

 -Another annoyance is the placement of the Phone/iPod wire.
Inside the glove compartment. Which makes zero sense .

Also making zero sense is the absence of USB plug. (Just like in any other VWs)
So you need an adapter for anything that isn’t an iPhone 4 or 4S.


 As far as driving…

Well, the 2.0 Liter and DSG has never been my favorite ( actually one of the worse combo out there).
But over the years, VW has improved it a lot.
The new version of their 2.0 Liter Turbo is much nicer. And the improved DSG does behave better as well.

But in the CC, you get the old stuff.
The combination of Turbo lag and slow to respond DSG is as horrible as it can be.

The engine still has that “quiet diesel” sound when cold (The newer version is much better)
It always feels like it starts in 2nd. (Not sure it actually does, but it sure feels like it)
So there’s no power at first.
You can try S mode, but you’ll end up being stuck in 4th gear at 80MPH. With the engine doing 3000RPM. (Not the best for gas mileage)

The worst part of the driving experience is in stop and go traffic. Where the car always feels like it is going to stall when slowing down to a stop. Or starting up slowly.
It is just a pain. And it happens every single time.

Something I actually never got used to .

Otherwise, it is really quiet when cruising. Feels super solid.
But the steering is still too light (something common to recent VW models) even though it is quite precise.
It is rated at 22/31 MPG.
I observed 24/35 over a week of driving.

My test car was $34 990. Which, in my opinion, is quite expensive for what it is.
Sure, it looks great. But it lacks a rear view camera, doesn’t come with VW’s great Fender stereo, etc…

And that old version of the DSG really kills any fun out of driving.

Here is the “regular” front end.
Which fits the rest of the car so much better…

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  1. While I agree that this car is flawed (small nav screen, stupid iPod connectivity, no USB port) the engine is sublime and works well in this car. The CC can sit next to a Mercedes CLS or A7 and not look like the conspicuous runt of the bunch. Even though it cost less than half the price. You definitely feel like you get more than you pay for with the CC.

  2. "you definitely feel like you get more than you pay for with the CC" … unless of course you've actually DRIVEN an A7, CLS, or anything at all from BMW. Then you KNOW this is not in that league. It IS however in the Chrysler 200 league (but with outdated ergonomics/electronics) and that's not all that bad these days!

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