2016 Chevrolet Volt

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The all new 2016 Volt will be presented at the upcoming 2015 Detroit Auto Show in January.
Sooner than I thought, actually.
(Since the new Cruze was pushed back a year, I thought this one was too.)

Looks a bit rounder from this angle.

I do like the Volt. It is quite a fun sporty drive in EV mode.

But some things need to improve. Like a quieter, smaller, more fuel efficient gas engine.
A sunroof. More upscale interior.
And of course, more range. GM has been working on a 200 miles EV car for a while.
I just wonder if this technology could end up in the next Volt or another “EV only” model.
Even if the can “just” squeeze 100 miles out of the batteries, it would be quite a car.

What would you like to see in the next Volt?

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  1. It needs to be bigger. Seating for 4 needs to be upgraded to 5. Also, the price needs to drop. Most compare it to a Prius and decide to go with Toyota. GM still has along way to go to convince buyers their cars are worth buying.

  2. Sexy looks… acceleration… skid pad figures… seating for a family I don't have… won't impress me. Give me practicality. And range. Lots and lots of range, please. Oh, and afford ability. Duh.

  3. CUVs are now outselling sedans. I love Volt but need extra room for my bike, hockey gear, dogs…
    Chevy, where is Volt-MPV5?
    I have no interest in Volt, i need Volt-MPV5 (optional AWD)
    There are rumors about AWD Prius, just saying.

  4. I have never test drove one, would love to of course; but I'm not as good as you are at getting car brands attention and respect…

    however, I do want to offer this, I love you to death Mr. Burlapp, I check and look forward to this page daily, I would love to proof read your posts, since the wording can be off sometimes.

    xoxo GG

  5. They need to just build a hybrid that does 50 mpg like the Prius and forget the plug in crap. People don't want to have to charge their cars every day. It's just an unnecessary hassle.

  6. I love the volt…concept is great, it's an absolute hoot to drive and handling is fantastic.

    It was actually my second choice for a car! What stopped me?
    – Cramped back seat when I'm the driver (I'm 6ft tall)
    – No sunroof.

    GM – fix those two things – and you'll see a Volt in my driveway, and I'll note it'll be my first GM purchase, ever.

  7. Being a Volt owner myself, this is what I would like:

    • EV range of 60-70 miles (currently average 45)
    • Physical HVAC + Media buttons
    • 2nd Gen Hybrid Software for Better Gas Mileage

    That's it. I don't have a use for a 5th seat, but I know one is coming. I make my entire commute (42 miles) on electricity each day–it's wonderful.

    I don't think it needs to be any quieter–even when it switches over to gas, I rarely hear it rev unless I floor it without any charge in the batteries.

    A lot of people say that they'd like to see a smaller engine. I agree that a smaller engine custom made to be a generator makes sense–but can was get that without making things noisier?

    Personally, I think more fuel efficiency needs to come from smarter hybrid software–the first-gen prius got similar mileage to my Volt when using gas, and the jump from first to second gen was significant because of smarter hybrid tech and a more aerodynamic shape. We know the Volt is getting the latter, and I suspect that 5 years of producing a PHEV has taught GM some things about calibrating hybrid technology.

    The last thing I'll add is just a reminder: the current Volt does not use its entire battery (17.1KW). On average, the can only allows you to run down 10.1KW of the battery (getting me 45mi) to leave 7KW for reserve. This is meant to leave good cells for use later down the road if a cell goes bad and it's something no one else does. It's smart. BUT if GM were to use the entire battery instead, they could gain range (30mi?) without needing to invest in new battery tech (though I'm sure they've done something different as the current battery is a T and is why there are only 4 seats). Anyways–for what it's worth.

    We'll see.

  8. The Volt was on my list for a new car but few things stopped me from buying it.
    Having two kids, the car is a bit small and the 2 seats at the back are not practical at all.
    The interior is currently looking very cheap
    The price was still too high.
    The look is now dated.
    We end up buying the ford fusion hybrid which is not as good on gas mileage but is safe, reliable and big enough for my small family.
    But I am starving for a real electric car that still can go far if needed and I think the volt concept is great.

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