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Looking exactly like what you’d expect. A smaller Enclave.
From the back, it could be from anyone. It has that generic?kinda pleasant shape that almost all SUVs have these days.
Interior has a lot of wood trim that looks really fake (At least on that pic)

As I mentioned before, I think the new Lincoln MKC looks much better than this, inside and out.

I guess that’s what happens when a brand (Buick) becomes more popular in China than its own country.
It caters to the (bad) taste of the new market…

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  1. I like the exterior. There are a lot of pleasant details that you really don't see in these grainy photos.

    I have to agree with you on the weird looking wood trim on the interior. I hope this is replace with something else (even metallic painted plastic would look better than this mess) when and if this vehicle makes it to the US market.

  2. Dash is better than anything else in its class. (Just because the wood is glossy doesn't mean it's fake–sit in a Benz or BMW sometime) Rest of interior could be from any Lexus/Buick/Chrysler/Acura; etc. And that's not a bad thing. Exterior is generic with a Buick front and without being weird like a Juke or CRV. All in all its a good effort–as good as anyone else had been able to do for under $35k, which I assume this will be.

  3. Vince you're correct about China's love affair with Buick. It seems Bad taste is quite profitable in one of the World's largest market for GM.

    Let them have it!

  4. The exterior is a me-too design that will probably sell enough to make it worth doing. But it will never sell well in the US. The interior is truly vulgar. The woodgrain looks fake, and surely is fake because wood veneer doesn't curve that way. Unless, that is, you buy a Bentley or Rolls where an artisan woodcraftsman shapes it. In the Buick, it's just a failed attempt to look fancy. I thought that everyone realized after, oh I dunno, 40 years of people complaining about it, that fake woodgrain is totally trashy.

  5. Bringing this to the US will be reformed inside to acceptable North American tastes. The clear point is that Acura should be duly worried about the success of their lineup with Buick's attention on its smaller class vehicles and their intention to move that success upwards through the segments.

  6. Too bad the lines are nowhere near this dramatic. Notice how most of them manage to be darker, more contrasty than even the shadow being cast on the ground? Thats quite a feat! In reality–outside the land of Photoshop–it just doesn't work like that.

    Here's a real-world shot taken from its unveiling:

    Sweet ride, huh?

    On closer examination, this vehicle comes across quite clearly as the makeshift, poorly construed rebadge that it is.

    What's so sad is no other automaker in the world would consider grafting a Buick nose onto an Opel and vice-versa. Especially not when the lines don't work! Not in this day and age. And these–China, the US, Europe–are their most important markets! Seriously? Yet the folks at GM do so day in and day out, having the audacity to jet around from auto show to auto show as if they're rock stars, or God's gift to the automobile world, completely oblivious to their company's ever dwindling market share.

    I'm sorry but this is just another heaping of crap. Pure and simple crap.

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