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There is a rumor about “Mirai” being the actual name for the upcoming Hydrogen Toyota car.
Why not…

As you can see from the top pic, the real thing looks exactly the same as the one we saw just a few months ago (blue car)

Not sure about pricing yet. But over 400 miles range and 3 mn refill sounds pretty interesting.
And, as I was checking the map, it looks like we have many hydrogen stations in California. Where I live. ( I even saw one on Santa Monica Blvd the other day)

This could be quite interesting for some people.

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  1. The concept of hydrogen seems sound but the aesthetics of this car are simply hideous. Almost like Toyota made it ugly on purpose to avoid it from being a success.

  2. That is some kind of ugly!

    Vince, Southern California is the only place in the world where you can get retail hydrogen fillups.

    The big question is whether H2 will play outside of the 10 CA Zip Codes that already buy most electric cars. Hydrogen needs to sell in places that get blizzards and pot holes.

  3. If hydrogen buses are any indication this should be priced between a corolla and a prius. But knowing Toyota Marketing they'll probably want a Mercedes price!

  4. Looks like Toyota choose the most hideous design to bring its hydrogen technology to the masses or few that will buy it.

  5. First rear end that has made me nauseous. The shape is great, but the tail lights are absolutely horrible. This one can STAY in California.

    – FusioptimaSX

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