VW Jetta TDI Test Drive coming up.

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I just got a Jetta TDI for the week.
So I will be reporting on it soon.

Last time I drove one, it was a 6 speed manual. And it was great.
This time I am stuck with the DSG. Which is…. “not that great”. At all.

More soon.

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  1. Carl, to be fair, I've only owned one automatic, and it required ATF drain and replace every 45k miles, which costs about 300 without a flush and 425 with one, so the $400 every 40k is about the same.

    Still would prefer a normal manual any day, and I'll hand it to VW that they offer a fair number of those in their standard vehicles, thankfully. Am no VW fan, but that point alone draws me to their cars.

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