VW Saveiro Pick-up

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You guessed it, not for us.
Just like other interesting cars VW has in other countries, like the Up and Scirocco.
(The US market seems to just be an afterthought to them, really.)

This is for the Brazilian market, and just got updated. Mostly a new front end that looks like the new Golf.
Sure it is small, sure it is probably slow (With a small 1.6 Liter with 110hp), and sure it has a cheap interior.
Who cares! It’s a cool small pick-up like the Subaru Baja used to be.

VW needs something cool. Anything.

And cheap!
It starts at around $14 000 in Brazil

I am sure there is a market for a small, sub $20 000 pick-up here in the US.
And whoever will be the 1st to offer one will just create a new market. (Or re-create one)

All we need is a little bit of good old fashion guts. From anyone….

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  1. Vince, I have to disagree about bringing something like this that has a 10 year old interior design to the U.S. market. And lets not even get into that putrid engine/transmission setup.

    VW knows their markets and this would be a big fat FAIL here. LOL.

  2. would sell like crazy in Canada. We need small, fuel efficient pickups for the retired, part-time handy man, etc. A diesel with lots of torque would be even better!

  3. I wouldn't mind a return of the small pickup in the US. Similar to the old ranger, B2200, d22 size vehicles. Real trucks just on a smaller scale. Pickups have grown too large and costly.This VW seems to be a car with a bed though. Not the type of vehicle I think could make a splash in the US.

  4. We actually have this Saveiro (with the new front design) since 2013, but the news is that now it offers double cab, like in ths pic:

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