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It’s that time again.
I’ve done it before, I know.

But I am always interested in knowing where my readers are from.
Of course, I assume most of you read this from the US. But many of you don’t.
These websites, no matter how small, can reach so far into the planet.

I do have a bit of a similar experience with other things I do. (One of them is working on TV shows)
Where you meet people from far away who know your work.
It always feel really special….

PS: So sorry about the previous pic. I didn’t realize it was missing so many flags.
So here is an updated one. I hope you all find your country!

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  1. I'm from Connecticut. I follow your RSS feed and Twitter, so I'm always up-to-date.

    When you post to Twitter, I notice you use the @ (at) symbol. You should be using the # (hashtag) symbol.

    Example: "Fiesta testing…. @ford @fiesta @spyshot @prototype"

    #TwitterProTip 😉

  2. The Canadian flag is conspicuous by its absence. We could be (and likely are) the majority of your foreign readership!

  3. Hi Vince! I am from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany – and I really enjoy reading your posts. Same as the Canadian reader earlier, I am missing my country's flag – but I guess all countries from A to G are missing…

  4. Maybe U will be surprised but I,m from Poland. And I search news about new cars on your website regularly 😉

  5. Hey Vince, I think you smoked out the non US audience. The US ones probably won't respond. What's the point!

  6. I've sent in many request forms to the U.N. but screw it i'm declaring my own country. I'm from the backseat of Mitsuland.

  7. Hi there

    I am from france and I am following your blog since several years already. may next time I will be in LA I will pay you a beer !!!!!

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