2015 Honda CR-V interior

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What an improvement.
Not 100% new but it looks like they really listen.

And for the 1st time, it looks like that 80’s “Honda beige” interior is gone!
Now you can get a proper tan/black combo.

With a new engine and a CVT, mileage is better too.
They did quite a  bit of work for just a “refresh”. The CR-V has been the best selling SUV in the world last year. These changes should keep it on top of the sale chart.
No matter how many of us think it’s boring.
It might be, but it’s also what people want…

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  1. I was never a huge fan of the CRV but this one looks like it will make waves in the segment. Looks like Honda has a serious contender.

  2. No doubt, the student has become the teacher here in terms of CRV vs RDX. My dads 13 RDX is pretty basic, no leds, and this new CRV looks way better so Acura had better bring their A game for their MMC.

  3. By addressing its weak interior, wimpy torque and average MPG, Honda has built the ultimate winner. I just wished Acura gave the RDX the SH-AWD and addressed those big wheel gaps with nicer 19 " wheels. Then I would be a buyer.

  4. my RDX hhas a nice interior but could use some of these stylings, finishes. My friends own a Rogue in this same class and it is much more like the infiniti type interior as well.

  5. Looks like Honda is doing exactly what they need to do to ensure the continued success of this vehicle.

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