2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Gone is the LR2.
Now we have the Discovery Sport. (A “regular” and larger Discovery is coming up later)

I know the purist will miss the old fashion blocky look of past Land Rovers, but I think this one looks great.
(It is after all, the 21st century.)

It is powered by a 240HP 2.0 Liter Turbo, with a 9 speed Auto.

Not sure if the reliability has improved or not, but Range Rover/Land Rover has come up with some great looking models lately…

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  1. Dumb move. "The Purests" are their LOYAL customers. This is too much like a million others from Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Chevy, etc etc etc. Which means they compete much more on price. And competing on price is ALWAYS the WRONG move. Dont buy stock in Tata!

  2. No. LR's quality has not improved. And their dealers are incapable of fixing the problems that occur.

    As for the design of the new Discovery, it's a mess. They are using the front design of the Evoque on everything, and there is nothing distinguished about this. It's like they grafted an evoque front end on a GM SUV. I like the Evoque a lot, but not everything should be derived from it.

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