2016 Jaguar XE

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I hate to say, but after all this waiting, I’m a bit disappointed.
It just looks like a small XF. Something that could have been out 5 years ago…
(It even has a bit of Acura ILX feel in the middle pic)

But, I also realize these are pretty bad pictures.
I always think it’s a mistake to release pictures of the “Sport version” first.
Which means, “no chrome and horrible interior color combo”.

In this case, no chrome is really bad on a Jaguar. (You can see where the chrome part would get thicker around the rear door, giving the car a bit of personality)
As for the interior, even if I imagine it in black, or cream, it still looks fairly generic.
Plus, the design of the dash doesn’t match the doors at all. It seems to be resting on the door trim,  in a weird way.

I guess this is a case of “wait and see”.
As in “wait for better pix and better colors”….

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  1. The new Chrysler 200 is sexier than this and the inside is looks nicer as well! Where are the designers who worked on the F Type?


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