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I used to see tons of these.
The 2nd generation Toyota Celica. This one from 1978 or 79.

Just saw this in Hollywood earlier today. And it looked in great condition. Congrats to the owner!

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  1. Vince, you are so right. They used to be everywhere. Wonder why so few survived? They had to have been better built than some of the other cars of that era.

  2. a real gem. My family used to sell these and I was a kid when this was introduced. It was a big deal. Sadly, toyotas are no where near what they used to be. They were better than a lot of cars. Now they are among the worst for reliablitiy and recall ptoblems 🙁

  3. Actually I believe this is the regular Celica (I had a 78 exactly like this). The Supra had glitzier grille, taillights and and B pillar trim.

  4. The Supra had a larger grille with a chrome T-shape in the middle. This is a Celica GT. Oddly, I just saw a super clean '80-'81 silver Supra in Hollywood last week, wish I had taken a pic but was afraid to get overrun in the Home Depot parking lot.

  5. Rare. They didnt hold up very well over time. Mechanical problems, and in northern state rust was a HUGE problem. Wonder if the Toyotas made today will fall apart as fast as the older Toyotas did.

  6. Makes me think of my first car, an ice blue 84 Celica notchback…They definitely had a charm to them.

  7. vince – what the hell is going on. your site is going through a terrible lull. please. get back on the hog. this shit is whack.

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