What car is this ?

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  1. Jaguar XE. Not most luxurious especially the dome lights look cheap (and plasticky rear A/C).

    But otherwise certainly could see this in BMW/Audi class.

  2. Is the title a subtle dig that the new Jaguar XE looks cheap inside? I mean, it definitely does….

  3. Yes… yes it is.
    And I think it is quite shameful.

    I am not sure if it feels as cheap as it looks, but one thing is sure: it does NOT look like a Jaguar interior.

    Jaguars should look different. This looks like the interior of a sub $25 000 Japanese or Korean car. NOT a Jaguar.

  4. Vince, you have got to snap out of this idea that this is German and that is a rice burner. Do you think there are no German or European cars $25,000 cars that look cheap inside? Come on!

  5. I saw it and thought: Accord. It doesn't look like a luxury car, that's for certain. Maybe the Honda XE? 😉

  6. It's a Volkswagen.
    Legroom looks a bit tight for a Passat.
    I would say it's a Jetta (Chinese Version?) or the new 4 door Coupe.

  7. Cars are so boring now. In the old days it was how many "cubes" V or straight, suspension, handling performance. Now its all generic and we are left discussing which interior is "prettier".

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