2016 Acura ILX

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Acura will revise the ILX for the new year.
Here is what the official PR BS says:
” Potent new power train, more aggressive exterior styling, significantly upgraded interior elements”.

Which probably means: ” Now available with the same 2.4 Liter engine used in the TLX, new wheels and lights, (With 5 more hp), more wood/aluminum trim inside.

I really don’t hunk there will be much more than that…

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  1. It seems obvious that Honda cant go on forever as an independent. I wonder who will buy them. GM? FCV? VW? or some Chinese conglomerate (like what happened to Volvo).

  2. The future of the auto business looks like this: GM, VW, FCA, Toyota, Ford, Tata, BMW Group, China Inc.; maybes include Fuji (Subaru), Mercedes, Japan Group (Mitsu+Honda+Suzuki+Honda). Nissan will be around as long as the French Government keeps pumping money into it.

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