All new Ram 700 Compact truck

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This is pretty much a Fiat. Rebadged “Ram” for the Mexican market.
Which is fine.

It is based on the Fiat Strada and uses a version of the ancient 1.6 Liter used in the old Neon.
(Yes!. The Neon)

I think there is room for something like this in the US. Not with the Neon engine though. But Fiat has a few version of their modern 1.4 Liter they could use in this.

In Mexico it will start at around $14 000. Even it it became almost $20 000 here, I bet there would still be quite a few people interested. Something like a modern Subaru Brat.
Which would be kind of cool…

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  1. I know they would like to grow "Ram" internationally, but at the same time they must protect their brand. I don't think rebadging crap products, like Dodge did not that long ago with Mitsubishi pickup trucks, is the right answer long-term. Of course, I've followed the industry long enough to know that I should expect the worst.

  2. I have been talking to my fellow car friends about these type of vehicle. While this one is not a great execution I too think there is room for these vehicles in the US. I for one would love a compact car/truck. Big enough to drive my family around and a small bed for around the house projects or small dump trips. A small pickup like the frontier or colorado that fits 4 is no longer small, or inexpensive or that good on gas. The Renault Oroch concept would be absolutely perfect for me. Similar to the VW amorak.

  3. if this is italian, from the same company that makes the ferrari, maserati, alfa romeo etc, I would say the opposite would be true. Ram Trucks are pure garbage other than the VM Motori Italian Diesel engine and the Cummins

  4. Subaru already had one of these with the 4-door Baja. No one remembers it because it was pretty much a flop.

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