Aston Martin Lagonda

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This is quite amazing.
Although, unlike the Rapide sedan, it will only be produced in very limited numbers.

And unlike the Rapide, the back seats seem to have tons of legroom.
Quite an amazing car, and I’m sure, a great looking alternative to a Rolls or top of the line Bentley.

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  1. I like the rear treatment because it resembles a classic Lincoln or large sedan from the 60s. The rest of it is just awful.

  2. If you like 80's throwback exterior/interior designs, then this should be your ideal uber-sedan. I'm not that impressed by it.

  3. In a day when everything looks the same (thanks to over regulation) this is a distinctive breath of fresh air. Much better than the generic kia/ford/toyota/chevy/honda/bmw/newest jag midsized sedans that all look like subtle variations of the same car–the way Chev/Pontiac/Olds/Buick used to be in the 1980's.

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