More pictures of the all new 2016 Jaguar XE

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I was waiting for pictures of the “regular” version.
You know, the one most people will actually get. I was hoping that some chrome around the windows and on the grill would make it look a bit more like a Jaguar.
Well, it does. Sort of.

Now it looks almost exactly like an XF. The larger model that came out in 2007.
Yes, the new model looks almost exactly like a 7 year old design.
Which, I think, is a huge disappointment.
Since it is a 2016 model for Europe. But we are getting it here as a 2017 model!
It is still more than a year away for the US market.

Inside, nothing at all says “Jaguar”. Nothing….

I was really expecting a lot from this car. Something with strong personality to do battle with the German models.
Instead we are getting some generic committee product.

Ot’s just too bad….

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  1. The thing I like best about a Jag. The #1 reason to purchase a Jag. The ONE thing that sets it apart from the crowd. …is all that gorgeous REAL WOOD. To use a line from Clara Peller: WERES THE WOOD!?!?!?!?!??? Sorry Jag. After all these years Im going to look elsewhere. 🙁

  2. Jaguar should not have made this resemble the XF or XJ. Those sedans haven't been very successful. The basic design language look tired now.

  3. It's a pleasant looking car, but I expected more than that from Jaguar. The thing about the exterior that stood out most to me was how bland the rear design was. I thought Jaguar would have produced something with a little more character.

    Regardless of anyone's opinion, I think this car will still bring new customers to Jaguar based on the fact that they now have a product that is more financially accessible to buyers.

  4. So.. they went from a compact sedan that looked just like a heritage XJ to a compact sedan that looks just like the XF? But also somehow manages to resemble the S60 and 3-series? Not sure how I feel about this evolution.

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