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Another teaser of that new Nissan SUV/Crossover concept.

Not sure why they would have another compact SUV since they already have the Juke, which is quite popular in many countries.
The Juke also just got updated for 2015. So an all new one is not around the corner.

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  1. This will be offered in countries where people have the taste and decency to never buy a Juke, and would rightly be ashamed to be seen in or near one.

    If Nissan brought this to the USA they would stick only their garbage CVT in it anyway.

  2. Its for Brazil! Juke would be very expensive in here, something like R$ 70.000. That's why Nissan need another one, Which should be roomier and less weird. It has to start at R$ R$ 50.000 to get a chance in here.

  3. This vehicle would give Nissan a more conventional looking product to offer in the small crossover segment. Considering how polarizing the Juke happens to be, I think this is a sound strategy.

  4. this is not to replace the juke. This is a new vehicle, slightly bigger. IT's to compete with the small Buick CUV and entrants that are in the pipeline for Hyundai and Mazda.
    It will be priced agressively

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